Brent Kendle: Kendle Design Collaborative
I first met Keith as the architect for his new home. Seldom if ever have I met someone more interested and inquisitive about the details and processes of designing and building a custom home. He graciously challenged design ideas, material considerations and system considerations, inevitably helping the team arrive at the best solutions for the unique needs of his family. One thing that impressed me was that Keith always focused on highest value rather than lowest cost.

In the end I believe he helped us create a remarkable home for his family, one with far greater value for the dollars spent than I originally thought possible. Throughout the process I found Keith to always be a consummate gentleman, treating everyone on the the team with fairness and respect. With so many decisions required, plus the pressure of time and money,  designing and building complicated on-of-a-kind custom homes like Keith’s can often have their stressful moments for both client and team. However I feel Keith’s understanding of all the various stakeholders, and his calm demeanor helps smooth out the process and keep everyone focused on the goal.
Dr. & Mrs. Castro-Marin
As a client building a residential home, we were never aware we had the freedom to utilize a competitive bid process to maximize value. Certainly, no one within the industry was going to encourage us to do something like that. Even if we did, who beyond an experienced insider would have the skill set or time to put something together that was truly robust and effective?

It is this element that is at the core of ADVOCATE's process, but his contributions also go way beyond just creating a spreadsheet. Their comprehensive knowledge of home construction and negotiation has helped enhance and simplify every aspect of our project and circumvent all the typical pitfalls. They assisted us with finding and selecting a builder that's right for us, and right for the project. ADVOCATE advised us on securing the best financing, final design decisions, and has helped value engineer our entire project. They have been the watchful advocate, helping to hold our contractors accountable along the way. ADVOCATE has helped us realize truly incredible savings throughout this process.

This would have been simply impossible without his insight, knowledge, industry connections, and previous experience. For first-time builders like us, going it alone would have been like climbing Everest without a guide... or a rope, or so much as a sweater for that matter.

Mark Candelaria: Candelaria Design
We have had the recent pleasure of collaborating with ADVOCATE on a project in Paradise Valley. The services ADVOCATE provides to our joint client have been extremely helpful in facilitating an organized and systematic approach to assist our client through the design and pre-bid process.

ADVOCATE’s involvement in all the details, not only relating to the actual design of the home, but in working with the team in procuring sub-consultants and potential builders, and in assessing and monitoring the construction budget, has been invaluable. ADVOCATE’s role generally supports our advice and when it does not, they have offered suggestions or different approaches that have been helpful in moving the project forward. This is the epitome of teamwork, and ADVOCATE embraces that notion with no ego and always with a focus on what is best for the client.

The design/build process is very complicated. I think it is beneficial to have a firm like ADVOCATE to not only facilitate communication with the client, but with the entire team. We look forward to our continued relationship with ADVOCATE in bringing our clients the best experience in designing and building their dream homes on their own terms.

Bob Koopman & Christian Lawrence: Audio Video Excellence
We at Audio Video Excellence (AVE) have had the privilege to work with Keith Galbut and his team at ADVOCATE now several times and we have enjoyed the passion and attention-to-detail they have brought to each project.

Their extremely bright team, very informed on the latest trends and technology, make the whole design, sale and installation much better for the final and determined project.

Personally, I (Bob Koopman) have a background in clinical counseling and building a custom home is one of the major stressors any couple can bring into their relationship. Having ADVOCATE on your side will make this an exciting time, reducing the stress as they pull all the various trades, artisans, and personalities together, creating the vision for your dream home. Not only that, but I believe Keith and his group will actually save you money in the process. They will carefully research each line item, not to cut corners, but to purchase the correct products, insuring that you, the homeowner, will not be paying exorbitant prices, but rather be purchasing at fair market value.

When we at AVE do a proposal, we pay no attention to the size or scope of the home, we do not mark
things up just because the client “could afford to pay more” (as we see many of our competitors
doing). We feel we’ve collaborated so well with the team at ADVOCATE precisely for that reason: Quality/high value products, fair pricing on those products, fair labor pricing, high-quality installation and real customer service before, during and after the fact. ADVOCATE holds each of their subs and trades people to a very high standard, yet do it in a way that builds trust and long-term relationships.

Hiring the team at ADVOCATE early in the project (or anytime, for that matter), may be the most
important decision you make to fulfil your dream!

Roadrunner Residence Owners
Building a custom dream home can be a daunting task for any family. There are so many elements that create complexity, and for first timers like us, there are so many unknowns that you aren't aware of.

Luckily, we had ADVOCATE on our side. Honestly, I can't say enough amazing things about the ADVOCATE team. They have been with us EVERY step of the way, including the purchase of the land to build our home. They've helped us through each phase of selecting our professional team and vendors, budgeting, design schematic, legal contracts, financing, and negotiations. ADVOCATE has saved us well over $600,000 throughout our project and we haven't even started construction yet.

If you are considering building a custom dream home or undergoing a large scale remodel, your next move should be to contact ADVOCATE to help guide you through the process. It's literally a NO BRAINER!
Peter Thomas Moosbrugger
As a custom wood flooring and furniture manufacturer in Phoenix for over twenty years, I’ve had the privilege to work with hundreds of couples on their new homes and remodels. Almost without exception, they all have a story (or two!) of working with a “nightmare” general contractor, subcontractor, or manufacturer that made the job unpleasant at best and worst case, made their lives difficult and took advantage of them.

Keith, and his team at ADVOCATE, have developed an excellent service solution that will, I believe, revolutionize the industry. By compiling (and always being willing to meet new) outstanding builders, subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers that all have proven track records and reputations for exceptional customer service, ADVOCATE allows consumers to choose a vendor with knowledge, transparency, and confidence.

Because we have worked with ADVOCATE, they can speak with assurance as to our capabilities and business ethics. By the same token, we can speak with confidence that ADVOCATE’s heart is in the right place, its loyalty is to the owner, and its integrity is above reproach. They truly find joy in supporting families with connecting with companies that not only care about providing superior goods and services, but do so at a competitive, transparent, and fair cost. It’s a privilege to be counted among these trusted companies!

Dinesh Wilson
As a Realtor in the Valley for the past 15 years, I can unequivocally state that the services provided by ADVOCATE are a game changer for the custom home building/remodeling industry.

Over the years I’ve met many frustrated home owners who thought they could build a home or complete a major remodeling project on their own. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as one would think; project deadlines are seldom met, huge cost over-runs become the norm, and home-owners and contractors often end up in bitter disputes.

The value of having ADVOCATE manage the intricacies of the entire process is priceless--from transparent general contractor selection, to competitive bidding, to the proper team selection, to change order management. The significant cost savings to the homeowner by using ADVOCATE’s services makes using them a No-Brainer---not to mention the reduction of disputes/challenges and actually enjoying the process! Not only have I recommended ADVOCATE’s services to all my clients looking at building new homes or engage in significant remodels, I too am using ADVOCATE’s services for my own remodeling project.

The ADVOCATE team supported my efforts to find a perfect “fixer upper” in Paradise Valley with beautiful views and great potential. After we purchased the property, ADVOCATE advised us on our selection of the best suited team of building professionals for our needs and objectives. Through the remodeling process, ADVOCATE was a vital part of every decision and always kept our best interest as their primary objective. Having ADVOCATE on our side made one of the most emotionally and financially stressful decisions of our lives a total breeze. In the end, they helped us save money, time, and stress. I highly recommend ADVOCATE to anyone looking to build a custom home or complete a significant remodeling project.

I would highly recommend ADVOCATE to anybody looking to build a custom home or complete a significant remodeling project.

Hayes McNeil: Plus Minus Studio
I am a big supporter of what ADVOCATE has set out to do in the custom residential home market. From my experience, as an architect and general contractor, having a team like ADVOCATE guide a project on behalf of the owner is both efficient, cost effective, and can actually make the project more fun.

At first, I was unsure about what ADVOCATE would bring to our first project together, as it seemed likely they would be intruding into my role as a general contractor. Through the process, however, I realized that was not the case at all. ADVOCATE helped the project run much smoother than I could have expected. Their team streamlined and organize communication between the homeowners, myself, and the sub-contractors. They held all parties accountable and treated all with fairness and professionalism. They had a steadfast eye on making sure the owner was informed and empowered to make the best decision for them. 

After our great experience together, we have a strong relationship and have now worked on a number of projects together. I can most definitely say, as an architect and general contractor, that the team at ADVOCATE has brought a unique resource to the residential home community that has never previously existed.

Cal Detwiler & Aaron Genova: Genova - Detwiler Custom Builders
As custom builders with over 40 Years of combined experience we have participated in the project pursuit and contractor selection process dozens of times. Speaking from first-hand experience, this selection process is often flawed and does not deliver the best possible outcome. The proof is all too evident when a builder is selected on price alone and you watch as what was a great project slides into distress, perhaps being delayed, going way over budget, being put on hold or worst-case ending up in litigation.

This is where ADVOCATE steps in and really fills a void in the market. Their cause is noble as they seek to assist their clients in selecting the builder that is best aligned with the other project team players and the Client’s objectives. Whereas many selections are made on price alone, there are many other factors to consider, and ADVOCATE helps to vet those out. There's no doubt that price is also very important and ADVOCATE helps to fill a void there as well by providing a level playing field and assisting with the analysis of the numbers.

ADVOCATE is providing a valuable service that has been missing from the custom construction market for a very long time.
Northern Arizona Retreat Owners
Before learning of ADVOCATE, we hired a general contractor to help us build our dream home. The progress was lackluster and the budgets weren’t being managed or honored. We were really frustrated. After coming across an article on ADVOCATE in Phoenix Home & Garden, we decided to give them a call to see if they could help us. The ADVOCATE team visited the site to evaluate the current state of the project and to provide clear recommendations as to how we could get it back on track. We decided to involve ADVOCATE to support us.
The ADVOCATE team quickly worked to determine a strategy and schedule to complete the project based on our desired deadline and budget. It was decided collectively that the current general contractor did not have the capability to meet our needs and keep the project on schedule. We decided to interview a number of potential highly qualified general contractors based on the ADVOCATE team’s opinion and understanding of our vision. Through weekly meetings, transparency, and solid communication, we were able to assemble a team tailored to our expectations.
The project is now months ahead of schedule and we are thrilled with how fluid the process has been. ADVOCATE has been a helpful, supportive, passionate, team oriented contributor. ADVOCATE has relieved so much of our stress and we are now actually having fun building our dream home.  

Dr. & Mrs. Henslee
ADVOCATE’s involvement has completely relieved the worry from our extensive remodel of our home. Instead of worrying about how the next contractor might take advantage of us or whether or not they will follow through on promises, we were able to focus on creating the home of our dreams and enjoying the construction process.

ADVOCATE is a wealth of knowledge. For each facet of our project, they made suggestions that changed our final decision for the better. For several choices we didn't even know what options existed.

ADVOCATE also saved us thousands on our AC units! They bid out the project and found a contractor who took the time to educate us on air conditioning. It turns out that multistage units wouldn't function properly in our house due to the high volume of the ducts. Because of this advice, we spent thousands less and our house is cool and comfortable with Trane AC units. And, I am worry free with a 10-year warranty.

Thank you ADVOCATE for all of your help with our home remodel. Before your involvement, I only felt dread when thinking of contractors and home improvement projects. I always wondered what mistake I would discover next or how someone was going to try to take advantage of my ignorance of fair market value. Now I can be confident that I'm paying a fair price and that the work will be done properly.